Conditions and Diagnoses

Dr. Doute' will take on many cases that others will not. He frequently does revision spinal surgeries on those for whom surgery did not work the first time. Tough problems of severe pain and previous failed treatments are his specialty. Dr. Doute’s philosophy of patient care is simple. He treats others as he would himself and his closest family members, working closely with his patients as partners to educate them as to their condition and to help them make decisions.

Dr. Doute' tries to assure that adequate non surgical treatment is done with patients to eliminate their pain, such as physical therapy, medicines, injections, exercise and time, and tries to avoid surgery if possible. However, Dr. Doute’ recognizes that sometime surgery is necessary to fix the patients problem. He realizes that most patients are scared of undergoing surgery, so he tries to do everything to educate his patients about their condition and what they need, to lessen those fears. Dr. Doute’ stays ahead of the curve and keeps up to date on and uses the latest procedures and surgical technology to help his patients. Most importantly, he tries to never give up on patients.

Dr. Doute’ is a spine surgeon that is unlike most others in that he can treat the whole body as well, but is a true expert in spine surgery/reconstruction.

Rule #1  “Listen to the patient and they will tell you what is wrong, the diagnosis”

Dr. Doute’ is a spine surgeon who truly excels at treating neck and back pain with a larger variety of nonoperative treatments, like therapy, medications, and injections and is very experienced in surgical spinal reconstruction, even in those with previous surgery.

This unique surgeon also treats all the other body parts in the orthopedic skeleton, routinely performing hip and knee replacements and arthroscopy, shoulder/rotation cuff repair, caring for broken bones, treating arthritis all over the body.

He also has significant experience in treating athletes.

Dr. Doute’ is recognized as an expert in these areas who does medicolegal work with attorneys, patients and insurance companies as a consultant and expert witness.

Conditions We Treat

Spinal Conditions

  • Neck and Back Pain
  • Spinal Stenosis
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Herniated disc, Spinal fractures
  • Compression fractures - bone cement injuries
  • Kyphosis/Flatback deformity
  • Severe arm/leg radiating pain
  • Sacroilliac joint problems
  • We concentrate on making small incisions for surgery, with minimally invasive approaches whenever possible.


General Orthopedic Problems

Other Serivces Offered

  • 2nd and 3rd opinions
  • Medicolegal reviews
  • Personal Injury cases
  • Workers Compensation injury treatment and expert witness work

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