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"I make every effort to get to know my patients and their concerns as much as possible so we both feel comfortable with each other. I pride myself on delivering the most up-to-date treatment options in spine surgery and general orthopaedics. My goal is to give you, the patient, what you ultimately want for your health care, if possible. I truly believe that the person who sees me should be the decision maker in their health care, with my guidance. As a graduate of Harvard Medical School, with more than 15 years of surgical experience in the Operating Room, you can be assured my clinical credentials are excellent.

I look forward to having the opportunity to work with you, and to helping you achieve your best possible musculoskeletal health."

Meet Damien A. Doute'

Dr. Doute’s Credentials:

  • Graduate, top 10 University The Johns Hopkins University
  • Graduate, #1 Medical School Harvard Medical School
  • Graduate Top 10 Orthopedic Residency Johns Hopkins Orthopedics Residency
  • Graduate Top 10 Spinal Surgery Fellowship Johns Hopkins Spinal Surgery Fellowship

Dr. Doute’ knew he wanted to be a physician as early as the 6th grade. From his experience growing up in the Virgin Islands and New York City, he was drawn to medicine through his intense interest in math and science and his involvement in groups such as health explorers and exposed to health care through hospital volunteering. His mother played a large part in influencing Dr. Doute’ towards the health care path by her diligent work as a nurse in cardiac and medical care and later, a health care administrator. Dr. Doute’ fondly remembers tagging along with his mother doing rounds in the hospital as a child and young teen, and being introduced to hard working doctors and nurses.

After graduating top of his class from high school in St. Croix, he attended Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland on multiple scholarships. Johns Hopkins, a top ten ranked university, has a storied place in medical history and has a rigorous premedical program which prepares students well for careers in medicine. He did extensive mentoring and tutoring of Baltimore city high school students while in college. After graduating near the top of his class, he was immediately accepted to Harvard Medical School, usually ranked the #1 medical school in the country. While in Boston at Harvard, Dr. Doute’ decided to pursue additional education in health care policy, graduating with a Masters in Public Policy Degree at the same time as earning his Doctor of Medicine Degree.

Dr. Doute’ then decided to pursue his chosen field of Orthopedic Surgery at the world renown Johns Hopkins Hospital and Medical Institutions, the birthplace of graduate medical residency education, and another top rated institution.

Dr. Doute’ chose Orthopedic Surgery due to his love of anatomy of the human body, attraction to the various ways in Orthopedics to improve patient function quickly, and his excellent motor skills in performing surgical procedures as a student. After all, this was the field he saw was most closely related to his love of fixing things and use of his hands. The ability to treat someone from their head to their toes was fascinating to him. Dr. Doute’ also performed research at the National Institutes of Health during summers and worked in his residency with his scientific mentors on BMP, a protein that stimulates bone growth. He also published research and wrote book chapters.

Dr. Doute’ routinely performed surgery in Orthopedic trauma and fractures at the renown Maryland Shock trauma hospital, and performed hip and knee replacement, sports medicine procedures, hand, foot and ankle, and children's orthopedics surgery.

After excelling in his Orthopedic Surgery residency, including his time as a Chief Resident and junior attending, he was chosen by Dr. John P. Kostuik, Chairman of Orthopedics at Johns Hopkins and one of the founding fathers of Spine Surgery, to be one of 2 doctors that year to be a Spine Surgery fellow at Hopkins. After completing this rigorous fellowship in complex spinal reconstruction, scoliosis, nonoperative care and pain management, Dr. Doute’ chose to go into private practice to help as many people as possible with his new skills and since then has treated many patients successfully in the Southeast US for the past 16 years in the areas of nonoperative and operative Spine Surgery and General Orthopedic Surgery as well as Pain Management.

Many primary care physicians, pain management specialists and former patients and their families trust Dr. Doute’ to care for their patients and loved ones. Many physicians and their families have entrusted their care to him over the years. Though he deals with all aspects of orthopedics, his expertise lies in the treatment of patients with severe back and neck pain, associated with arm and leg pain, from injuries, arthritis, and aging. A lot of patients go to or are sent to Dr. Doute’ whenever everyone else had tried and failed. In spine surgery, he deals with complex revision surgeries,> repeats and redo, but also handles simple cases as well.

He will take on many cases that others will not. Tough problems of severe pain and previous failed treatments are his specialty. Dr. Doute’s philosophy of patient care is simple. He treats others as he would himself and his closest family members, working closely with his patients as partners to educate them as to their condition and to help them make decisions.

He tries to assure that adequate non surgical treatment is done with patients to eliminate their pain, such as physical therapy, medicines, injections, exercise and time, and tries to avoid surgery if possible. However, Dr. Doute’ recognizes that sometime surgery is necessary to fix the patients problem. He realizes that most patients are scared of undergoing surgery, so he tries to do everything to educate his patients about their condition and what they need, to lessen those fears. Dr. Doute’ stays ahead of the curve and keeps up to date on and uses the latest procedures and surgical technology to help his patients. Most importantly, he tries to never give up on patients.

Dr. Doute’ is a spine surgeon that is unlike most others in that he can treat the whole body as well, but is a true expert in spine surgery/reconstruction.

His interests outside of health care and medicine includes: hiking, camping, running, physical fitness, arts and music, sailing, volunteering and high altitude mountain climbing.

Harvard Medical School



Dr. Doute’ is Board certified by the American Board of Orthopedic Surgery, a member of the North American Spine Society, and a Fellow of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons.


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