Work Related / Personal Injuries

Though Dr. Doute’ is a Fellowship trained Spine Specialist, we additionally treat all type of orthopedic injuries of the skeleton, including bones, muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments. Non-surgical treatment (medicines, physical therapy, pain control, injections) as well as surgical treatment, when needed.

Dr. Doute’ is considered the expert spine surgeon that can diagnosis and treat other parts of the skeleton as well, which is a rarity these days. He is known as a skilled, very capable surgeon for almost all orthopedics problems and types of pain, especially in the spine.

Dr. Doute' also works with workers injury and compensation patients, car accident victims and serves as a consultant for medical companies, and with lawyers regarding personal injury cases and medicolegal case review, disability evaluations and Independent Medical Evaluations.

The documentation and treatment steps needed for workers compensation and personal injury especially require a special effort by a doctor very familiar with the system, which Dr. Doute’ is heavily involved with.

Treatment Philosophy

Dr. Doute’s philosophy of patient care is simple. He treats others as he would himself and his closest family members, working closely with his patients as partners to educate them as to their condition and to help them make decisions.

He tries to assure that adequate non surgical treatment is done with patients to eliminate their pain, such as physical therapy, medicines, injections, exercise and time, and tries to avoid surgery if possible. However, Dr. Doute’ recognizes many times that sometime surgery is necessary to fix the patients problem. He realizes that most patients are scared of undergoing surgery, so he tries to do everything to educate his patients about their condition and what they need, to lessen those fears. Dr. Doute’ stays ahead of the curve and keeps up to date on and uses the latest procedures and surgical technology to help his patients. Most importantly, he tries to never give up on patients.

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