Stem Cell Injections

Dr. Doute offers regenerative Amnion technology, which is also an all natural injection therapy used for many of same injuries he would consider PRP injections. He feels that being able to offer BOTH PRP and Amnion enables him to tailor his regenerative and pain techniques to each individual patient.

Amnion is a human amniotic membrane graft. It comes from the sac that surrounds the baby. Rather than being discarded, it is donated by prescreened mothers after delivering healthy babies by cesarean. It is composed of growth factors which are capable of controlling inflammation, healing damaged tissue and stimulating and attracting STEM CELLS. Amnion also encourages cellular growth and reduces scaring.

If you are considering either of these new technologies to help with pain and help keep you active, Dr. Doute would be glad to schedule a consultation to discuss how PRP or Amnion may work for you.

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